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Blue Water Music Festival Concert Series

The Blue Water Music Festival Concert Series is an intimate showcase designed to showcase the most talented original artists in Southern California and beyond.

This showcase transports these elite musical artists into a more intimate setting that allows the artists to engage with their audience.

This series serves as a fundraising event for Blue Water Green Earth, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization activating the power of music for the benefit of the community.

There are no upcoming events.


“Activating the power of music to benefit the community.”

The Blue Water Music Festival was created to build one of the most positive events in Southern California. From glass blowing and ceramics demonstrations to culinary treats from some of the brightest chefs in Southern California, the Blue Water Music Festival merges the arts and music in a convergence of intimacy and entertainment.

Differentiating itself by combining the power of music with community, the Blue Water Music Festival is a unique festival that brings in various types of music that connects and inspires. From blues to California surf and reggae to rock, the Blue Water Music Festival continues to deliver an eclectic variety of music for fans to discover.

“Music and art has always been able to make change,” said Rick Conkey, founder of Blue Water Music Festival. “At its heart, this festival is a grassroots way to demonstrate our mission to show how music can benefit a community. Every year, the Blue Water Music Festival grows, showing how the power of music can bring people together. We have a diverse line-up of amazing bands and wonderful musicians for people around Southern California to discover and enjoy.”


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